Which Flower Are You?

Every flower is unique just like every woman. Some flowers exude a romantic allure, others give a boost of energy like a child. Which flower do you relate to most? Read the qualities and benefits of each flower to see which floral scent you'd enjoy most.


Rose -

True Love

The soft and silky rose petal flower is held by a strong stem of thorns for protection. Thus, its symbolism is gifted to lovers who are brave enough to win someone's heart regardless of the consequences. A romantic gesture of deep admiration, roses are the epitome of love. However, as much as rose identifies with romance, it's also perfect for boosting self love for a cup that overfloweth - attracting loving relationships in all areas of ones life.

Rose Petal Candle
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Rose Petal Candle
  • 100% soy wax

  • real rose petals

  • modern glass jar

  • crackling wooden wick

  • organic rose essential oil

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