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New Beginnings

We have to be fluid like water. We have to flow. We have to have our air pipes open to breath in and out. Letting go allows room for the new. Although it’s very scary leaving behind familiarity to dive into the unknown, it is also very rewarding. For the new year, have you thought about what is no longer serving you? You probably already know even if you don’t think about it much, but on a soul level, your subconscious knows what doesn’t feel right. Even if something added value to your life in the past, you’ll know if it no longer holds space for you today. This is when you need to find the courage to break free - be it a habit, an addiction, a relationship, a job, or even a home.

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New & Full Moon Candle Lighting

During a new moon, it is the perfect time to set a "new intention." This doesn't have to be a major life change (although it can be). It just needs to be a new beginning whether it's big or small. It can be anything from wanting to buy new clothes and/or furniture, starting a new job, changing your hair color, reading a new book, building a new website, dating a new person, or starting a new diet.

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