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Jasmine: The King of Flowers

Throughout the internet, one can google the fact that Jasmine Flowers symbolize royalty for several reasons: Not only are they the national flower of THREE different places around the world including Pakistan, Indonesia, and The Philippines, but these white petal beauties are placed at the front of wedding chapels to bless newly wedded couples in marriage.

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New & Full Moon Candle Lighting

During a new moon, it is the perfect time to set a "new intention." This doesn't have to be a major life change (although it can be). It just needs to be a new beginning whether it's big or small. It can be anything from wanting to buy new clothes and/or furniture, starting a new job, changing your hair color, reading a new book, building a new website, dating a new person, or starting a new diet.

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Yoga & Candles

For those of us who already practice Yoga, we know that it is spiritual, healthy, and therapeutic. Thus, when we start adding other elements to it like smudging sage and palo santo across our yoga mat, and then lighting a candle, that's when we really maximize the potential of our experience! 

We can treat Yoga like a physical exercise which will definitely provide health benefits, or we can treat it with respect to all of its collective values at the soul of its essence.

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The Joy In Making Handcrafted Products

There's a big difference between purchasing products from a large manufacturer as oppose to purchasing from a small business; especially when the owner hand makes all of their products. This is because your using a product that is personal, which carries the energy of the Artist who took the time out to carefully make each product as perfectly as possible. 

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32oz Green jasmine scented Mason Jar Candle

The reason for creating this jasmine scented candle is not only for its sweet and calming aroma, but also because the jasmine flower is highly respected by several cultures throughout the world. Popular in Asia, The Middle East, Europe and South America, the white petal flower is best known for its rich association with purity, beauty, and romance.

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