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How Are Candles Magical?

Who says we have to wait an entire year until our birthday to make a wish? By design, we are natural born creators who can manifest anything we want with writing (spelling which contains the word “spell”), and also speaking things into existence. There is power in the tongue. Thus, with the use of fire, we can set an intention (or desire) and light our candle to enjoy its ambience while envisioning that which we want to attract.

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New & Full Moon Candle Lighting

During a new moon, it is the perfect time to set a "new intention." This doesn't have to be a major life change (although it can be). It just needs to be a new beginning whether it's big or small. It can be anything from wanting to buy new clothes and/or furniture, starting a new job, changing your hair color, reading a new book, building a new website, dating a new person, or starting a new diet.

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