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New & Full Moon Candle Lighting

During a new moon, it is the perfect time to set a "new intention." This doesn't have to be a major life change (although it can be). It just needs to be a new beginning whether it's big or small. It can be anything from wanting to buy new clothes and/or furniture, starting a new job, changing your hair color, reading a new book, building a new website, dating a new person, or starting a new diet.

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The Light of A Canvas

Painter, Michael Casiano, creates spiritual pieces that convey deep messages of enlightenment. Wanting to surround himself with positive symbols, he burned white sage, played some native american music and meditated as usual. But for this particular piece, he decided to include our hometomysoul candles into the ritual.

"Fire", he kept saying. "I need to have the light of fire around me for this one."

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