The Magic of Flowers & Candles

Feminem energy is compatible with cats, the moon, motherhood, and flowers. This is why throughout history, the women who experimented with plants, herbs, and floral elements during the alignment of the planets were labeled as "witches" (which implied negativity) even though they were just expressing their feministic qualities in natural ways. 

Whether it's rosemary, basil, lavender, jasmine or thyme, flowers and herbs hold a space for healing people that boosts our emotional and physical wellbeing. This may be considered as science or it may be considered as magic. But when combining the two, the only difference is that science proves current factual information while magic remains mysterious. "How were you able to do that?" One might ask. Science replies with an explanation while magic leaves you wondering. 


Flowers & Candles

Combine flowers and candles to invoke emotional and spiritual healing.