New Beginnings


A New Years Blog Post

With a bundle of white sage and a white jasmine scented candle, manifesting a new adventure should be positively charged, divinely guided and blessed. But first, you have to let go of the old.

Leave it behind. The past. Just leave it. Let it go. Wait. Is it that easy to cut people off and forget about special memories just like that? Can you leave a dead end job at the snap of a finger? Will you regret tossing away something that someone else might appreciate? These are all valid reasons that make people doubt their decisions and procrastinate moving forward, weakening their will-power throughout time since they become content. But you know what they say? Comfort kills.

It’s not easy letting go when we’ve formed certain habits and grown attached to certain people, places and things. But look at those two words: habits and attached. In essence, they keep one imprisoned, chained, and stuck.

There is a time for everything and by no means should rushing a decision ever be the right thing to do without weighing out all of your options with careful consideration. But holding onto anything for too long comes with a consequence. (However, if there is something you value enough to hold onto for a lifetime, the key is not to suffocate or possess it. This is where the meaning of balance comes in)

We have to be fluid like water. We have to flow. We have to have our air pipes open to breath in and out. Letting go allows room for the new. Although it’s very scary leaving behind familiarity to dive into the unknown, it is also very rewarding.

For the new year, have you thought about what is no longer serving you? You probably already know even if you don’t think about it much, but on a soul level, your subconscious mind knows what doesn’t feel right. Even if something added value to your life in the past, you’ll know if it no longer holds space for you today. This is when you need to find the courage to break free - be it a habit, an addiction, a relationship, a job, a city or even a home.

Bring in the new year with clarity and space. There are no voids in the universe, so whatever you leave behind will be filled with something else. It might be better or it might be worst, but if you have good karma then you have nothing to fear. Besides, everything that happens is always for your highest good. Whether it’s a blessing or a lesson, you get to decide what you will make of your life experiences. And don’t you ever forget your power! There is power in the tongue and power in the written word, so you can manifest whatever you want. Just make sure that you are not blocking your blessings by holding onto the past. You must let go of what is in your hands so you can hold something new. And believe me, change is not a bad thing because nothing ever stays the same.

Happy New Year! May you light a white candle to meditate on new energy and smudge white sage for protection and healing.