Take A Deep Breath - YouTube Segment

Do you offer the breath of life? Or give the kiss of death? It's important to learn what tools we can use to destress and regain balance in our lives after unfortunate events. We can't predict when change will come such as a loved one dying, a partner leaving, a job downsizing or the economy failing, etc. As much control as we do have over creating a positive lifestyle, certain things are just bigger than us. 


YouTube & IGTV

Joyous Leader & Jasmine Clemente

Transformational Life Coach, Joyous Leader, and myself, Jasmine Clemente, decided to record a video (available on YouTube & IGTV) offering tools to destress and rebalance our emotional and spiritual state so that we can add value to people's lives instead of depleting them due to our own traumas and/or disappointments. We all go through up's and down's, but how we recover from them and what we learn from those experiences are what's most important. Also, a doTERRA wellness coach, Joyous Leader, discusses ways to use certain essential oils to ignite good sensations throughout our brain and body. Whether we place the oils inside of a diffuser that works for 4 hours, drink the oils with our water, or rub the oils on our skin during a massage, there are several ways that we can use oils to destress and rebalance our chakras to exude a glowing aura. 

Use these techniques with a candlelight ambience, and you'll also be reminded that no matter what happens, we all come from source energy which is "light". Our birth, our lives, and our unique blueprints are no accident. When we remember what our true calling is, we can get back on track, stronger and wiser than ever before, and remember that light is used to brighten up dark places - to reveal hidden secrets, to show integrity and honesty, and to be brave in the face of fear. Light is awe inspiring, and light is who we are. 

With meditative practices, tips and tools to use these oils and candles, take a journey with Joyous Leader and myself by watching this 30 minute YouTube clip in the comfort of your smart phone or smart TV at home, or wherever you are in the world. 

When two women come together, anything is possible! Transformational Life Coach & doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Joyous Leader, teams up with Recording Artist & Founder of hometomysoul, Jasmine Clemente, in a segment about combining essential oils with a candlelit ambience to recenter and rebalance ourselves after stressful situations.