New & Full Moon Candle Lighting

new & full moon.png

Candles are more than just beautiful modern day home decor pieces; they're also spiritual tools that have been used to manifest desires since ancient times. Perhaps it's because the same core essence of a candle flame (which is fire) also exudes within the sun that magnetizes the moon, which governs our entire world every single day and night without skipping a beat.

Now that's magical! 

Thus, in lighting candles during moon phases, we're drawing the moons energy closer to us. (Of course candles are not the sun, but fire is fire). 

During a new moon, it is the perfect time to set a "new intention." This doesn't have to be a major life change (although it can be). It just needs to be a new beginning whether it's big or small. It can be anything from wanting to buy new clothes and/or furniture, starting a new job, changing your hair color, reading a new book, building a new website, dating a new person, or starting a new diet. Whatever it is, light a candle during this new moon while saying a prayer of what you desire. I always like to suggest taking a hot shower prior to this candlelight prayer just to cleanse your physical body and be ready with a relaxed mind. 


Jasmine Petal Candle

White Candles Are Perfect For Manifesting New Beginnings, Clarity, and Unconditional Love.

The new moon happens August 11th and goes through it's phases until August 26th when it finally turns into a full moon. Thus, if you're lighting a candle during this cycle to manifest something new, remember that by August 26th, it'll come time to close. But wait! You can still burn your candle on the last day August 26th, but your prayer would be to let go of what no longer serves you. The full moon, bright in its full bloom illumination, is there to glow upon us by showing that our cycle and prayer has been completed.