Witches, Cats, and Candles



Cats and Candles...


A Unique History

Isn't it funny how both witches and cats love to be in gardens? Cats can't get enough of flowers and plants. In fact, some people can't even have them as house pets because they'll eat every plant in sight. Thus, the very nature of a witch is to experiment with flowers to create medicines and (sometimes) spells, all which heal the physical body from toxins and disease. Some may call it magic, others call it science. Yet still, all flowers come from mother nature - something that both witches and cats love. What better candle to light than a floral scented one that invokes this kind of enchantment?

First of all, witches have been falsely accused of dabbling in evil occult rituals to work harm upon others - thanks to historical male dominance in the previous era. But in todays advanced millennia, women are finally owning their authentic power as the universe balances out masculine and feminine energy. With that being said, we're beginning to understand the positive intention behind the culture of witches (which is just a name to label a group of women who harness their goddess energy). 

Women who are in touch with their spiritual essence tend to practice different rituals as a way to strengthen their connection to divine source energy. Whether it's through daily prayer or meditation, they sometimes use tools such as crystals, rocks, cards, incense, flowers, herbs, and candles - yes candles. 

And candles have their own unique history. Both men and women, priests and nuns, warlocks and witches, monks and spiritualists have used candles to invoke the spiritual realms and create a peaceful ambience within temples and churches. So it's no wonder that anyone who would want to set the stage for a spiritual ambience would include candles, whether that be a fictitious witch in a horror movie, or a modern day woman who just wants to connect with mother earth through flowers, herbs, plants, prayer and meditation. 

Now... on to cats... 

What is the correlation between cats and witches? Well, just like they say that a dog is a man's best friend, so is a cat to a woman. When women are in tune to their intuition and higher purpose, they tend to respect the animal nature of a cat because of their independence. This doesn't mean that every woman has to love cats, but most women naturally do. Witch or no witch, pet owners know that cats are instinctive little creatures who know who to gravitate towards and who to repel from. They don't have the logical intelligence of human beings but they have a heightened sense of awareness and can maneuver almost anywhere without guidance or even shelter. They are survivors of the wild and can navigate quite well on their own. Thus, cats earned the reputation for being a witches guardian due to the spiritual compatibility between woman and animal, which is why we see them very often as a witches pet - or an awakened persons special furry companion.