Spring Clean With Sage


Spring Clean With Sage

After spring cleaning, you'll need to sage your entire home to seal the deal. It'll allow the chi to flow freely so there won't be any stagnant energy. Then, light a white candle and speak something positive into existence!

The real "new year" just might begin in April! I mean... it makes sense to me. This is when nature renews itself, and so all the flowers, herbs, plants and animals blossom and reappear. If you ask me, it's a fresh start. So when cleaning our homes, why not throw away items that no longer serve us? 

It's not healthy to stay attached to things, because some items carry old memories that mentally hold us back, not to mention that they create clutter. Less is more. 

It's like speaking a new years resolution into existence. Do we want to bring our past into our future? When I'm cleaning my home, I make "space" for the new by removing old items. After getting rid of clutter, I mentally feel so much lighter and free. Hence, my home seems larger and more abundant. I then sweep, mop, and polish the items that I do decide to keep, while feeling a positive and refreshing vibe throughout my entire place!

And that vibe I might add, is called "Chi", the energy life force of the home. The thing is, that once we let go of items that no longer serve us, we're mentally happier because what we do decide to keep is for our highest good. Thus, when finally redecorating and organizing our home, we then "save time" looking for things (such as outfits, shoes and paperwork, etc) because we already know where everything is which makes us more productive. This is why creating a positive vibe and zen ambiance within our home supports our well being instead of adding more stress that we already accumulate from the outside world.

The last step to take after smelling the sweet aroma of cleaning supplies that dusted off cobwebs, cleared table tops, and mopped floors is to burn sage! This ancient ritual has been proven to kill over 95% of air born bacteria, relieve headaches, and uplift peoples moods on a deep neurological level. For the cherry on top, light a white, jasmine scented candle, and allow the scent to exude for a few hours while you enjoy your beautiful home. Thus, watch the video below for more tips on how to turn your Spring Cleaning into a Spiritual Experience.