All Saints Day Candle Lighting


It’s more than just coincidence that the Autumn season is filled with mystical holidays supporting ideas of life after death, occult groups, magic rituals and the spiritual realms. With Halloween (Oct 31st) being the most recognized holiday of them all, the saga continues on Nov 1st for “All Saints Day” which is a Christian holiday honoring the Saints of the Catholic church.

Depending on which walk of faith you come from, you may or may not believe in the abilities of Saints. Yet according to Catholic religion, Saints are identified as holy beings who can perform miracles such as providing protection (Saint Michael), retrieving lost items or opportunities (Saint Anthony) and bestowing grace upon death’s arrival for a peaceful transition (Saint Jospeh).

Often times, we’ll find fresh flowers amidst the Saint statues as a sign of respect, left as an offering by someone praying for help. However, immediately after “All Saints Day” is another holiday called “All Souls Day” on Nov 2nd, preserved for people who specifically pray for lost souls that still roam the earth, unable to cross over into heaven. The intention behind this holiday is for the living to guide the deceased into the light, so they won’t remain ghosts lingering in purgatory.


While some traditions fade away with time, others steadily remain the same and even grow stronger, such as lighting ritualistic candles at ceremonies. Hence, they are just as strong today as they were back then. At funerals, candlelight vigilantes and prayer worship, candles are amongst the most popular divination tools to use for setting the appropriate ambience for a spiritual communion in almost any religion from around the world.