Jasmine: The King of Flowers


Throughout the internet, one can google the fact that Jasmine Flowers symbolize royalty for several reasons: Not only are they the national flower of THREE different places around the world including Pakistan, Indonesia, and The Philippines, but these white petal beauties are placed at the front of wedding chapels to bless newly wedded couples in marriage.

A natural aphrodisiac, their powerful aroma has been scientifically proven to relieve stress, ignite feelings of romance and improve sexual stimulation. Although there are various degrees in which fragrance factories dilute the scent from the flower for perfumery purposes, the scent is always pleasant to the senses. As mentioned previously, the scent relieves stress but that’s not all. Jasmine flowers are such a mood enhancer that they help cure insomnia, anxiety, and sharpen mental alertness. Who wouldn’t want these flowers in the bedroom!?

With that being said, it’s no wonder that brides adorn jasmine flowers throughout their hair or hold a bouquet of them when walking down the aisle. Jasmine flowers represent love, sensuality, and vitality, giving an extra zest of life to a blooming relationship. Hence, for weddings, anniversary parties and/or romantic dinners, having jasmine flowers or jasmine scented candles add the perfect touch for an impressive evening.

Jasmine Petal Candle
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