Feng Shui With Candles

Feng Shui consists of five elements: wood, water, metal, earth and fire. What does this mean when we're using candles to feng shui our home? Candles symbolize the fire element which invokes passion, warmth, love, purification and inspiration. Thus, when knowing where to place your candles, the most productive places are the bedroom, bathroom, and living rooms. 

Candles in the bedroom not only enhance romance, (as we see in so many romantic movie scenes) but it also helps as a relaxation aid. Because the fire element promotes purification, inspiration and warmth, it is a comfortable way to relieve stress from the day and allows you to sleep peacefully under the covers. Of course, if you're going to sleep with candles lit, make sure they are far away from draping curtains or anything inflammable. (Also, make sure there are NO PETS OR CHILDREN in the room that would knock down a candle - never take a chance if there are!) 

Another sacred place to burn candles are in the bathroom. Considering that there is no clutter, placing a few candles during your bubble bath is a sure way to cure and maintain your positive mental and emotional wellbeing. Bare in mind which colors your candles are too, because each color and scent also carries an energy. For example, red candles promote passion, purple promote spirituality, and white promote clarity. 

Last not but not least is your living room. When placing candles on your living room table, a wall shelf or book shelf, you're creating a welcoming ambience. Candles exude warmth, peace and beauty for an inviting ambience. For this reason, churches and temples are famous for candlelit atmospheres because there's something so sacred about it. Weddings, dinners, and any grand celebration are never complete without the decor of candle displays.

So there you have it. Candles are a great way to feng shui your home, but that doesn't mean every room needs one. Your main places for candlelight should be in the bedroom, bathroom and living room. Always be mindful of the burn time too, so you don't leave candles unattended for too long. After lighting a candle for its first use, don't leave unattended for more than 4 hours. After 4 hours, check to see how low the wax has burned and save it for another romantic evening, or peaceful day in your sacred haven. 


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