Yoga & Candles

Enhancing Yoga

Why lighting a candle and smudging sage enhances your yoga practice

For those of us who already practice Yoga, we know that it is spiritual, healthy, and therapeutic. Thus, when we start adding other elements to it like smudging sage and palo santo across our yoga mat while lighting a candle, that's when we really maximize the potential of our experience! 

We can treat Yoga like a physical exercise which will definitely provide health benefits, or we can treat it with respect to all of its collective values at the soul of its essence. That is, there is a meditative element to it, a vibrational chakra element to it, an ancient element to it, and of course the physical element to it. 

When we bless our  mats at the beginning of our practice, we're setting our intention to get the most out of our practice. For what is physical health without mental health? And what is mental health without physical health? To achieve harmony between the mind, body and soul, we must honor all areas that need healing, nurturing and maintenance. Hence, smudging sage and/or palo santo across your yoga mat at the beginning of practice shows that you're clearing your energy to begin with a blank slate. Then, when you light a candle, it also represents the aspect of keeping your mental images positive. Of course you can still enjoy yoga without these additional tools, but including them only enhances your overall experience by raising your frequencies and setting the ambience.