Being A Vendor

It's a hit or miss when you're a Vendor. Most small business owners pay for a table, and when we do, we take our chances on either doubling that money or losing out. 

Isn't that just how life works? Nothing is ever guaranteed. For goodness sakes, not even tomorrow is promised! But does that mean we stop living? Or stop loving? Or stop investing? 

Owning a business is an investment and a chance that only some are willing to take. But I assure you that if you've ever thought about owning your own business, it's definitely a risk worth taking because of the natural growth that derives from it. 

This Summer I had the pleasure of being a Vendor at two Art Expo's curated by Michael Casiano - The Taino Way. I didn't make a profit at the first one. In fact, I didn't even make half of what I put into the cost of the table. However, at the second event, I completely sold out and made more than double! 

So you see, it's a hit or miss when you're investing as a Vendor but as you go along for the ride, you learn many tips along the way. You learn about capturing emails, networking with your clients even if they don't buy, and you learn about the best locations to set up your table. For example, don't set up your table somewhere that isn't too visible like a dark corner of a room. (You'd be surprised how innocently some people will take anything). And don't invest in a table during a slow season or where's there's too much competition. 

It's all a learning curve. Being a Vendor gives me the chance to sell my products in person which is much more personable than selling online because I get to interact with the people purchasing the items and that always feels good! 

Jasmine Clemente