Spiritual Guidance With Candles & Card Readings

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Candle Flames

And how fire connects to the divine. 

At least once a week, I carve out time to meditate and give myself a spiritual card reading. Although I'm a fan of different card decks, I find that I feel most relaxed when lighting candles regardless of which deck of cards I use. Something about the candle's flickering flame makes me feel like I'm invoking the magic of divine connection.

As of lately, I've been using "KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT" Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray. The deck is a beautiful mixture of several spiritual masters, angels, religious figures, and Gods and Goddesses which encompass the many facets of new age philosophy. Before pulling out a card, I turn on zen meditation music, burn an incense and light a candle. This visual scene helps clear my mind and relieve stress from the day. 

I start by whispering a prayer with my eyes closed, which usually consists of me thanking the creator for my health, my safety, my family and friends, and for my peace of mind. After acknowledging him for all of my blessings, I then open my eyes and look at a candle flame in front of me. This helps me zone out and meditate as I realize that fire is not man made. Fire is purely created from something way more supernatural than myself. When acknowledging that fact, I'm able to surrender my ego to the flame, knowing that something bigger than myself exists which is what created earth, water, air, and of course, fire. 

Once I'm finally relaxed into my meditative state, I then begin pulling cards. One example would be of the following three:

  • "MARY MAGDALENE: Teacher Awakens" 
  1. You have something important to share. Follow the inner call. Don't let anything stop you."
  • "LORD GANESH: Infinite Abundance"
  1. Obstacles are being removed. Spiritual support and connections are increasing.
  • "GREEN TARA: Supreme Protection"
  1. You are protected. Cords are being cut. Move beyond limitation. Trust.

When receiving a reading like this, how could anyone question the source in which it comes from?It's like a psychological guideline that promotes positive thinking by reminding you of your own personal power, and what you can choose to exercise. To trust or to fear? To believe or to doubt? If you're into giving readings for yourself or others, remember to create a serene ambience by lighting candles because one thing we can not deny, is a spark of the divine.