The Joy In Making Handcrafted Products

There's a big difference between purchasing products from a large manufacturer as oppose to purchasing from a small business; especially when the owner hand makes all of their products. This is because your using a product that is personal, which carries the energy of the Artist who took the time out to carefully make each product as perfectly as possible. 

Take me for example. I never realized how special it was to purchase a handmade product from someone before I started creating my own candle line. I didn't realize how much love, energy, and commitment goes into making each product because it's a one man/one woman show. Now I have a deeper appreciation for all handmade products; not just my own. 

This started as an experiment for me. I've always lit up candles in my apartment whether they were for a friendly get together, a romantic evening, or because I was going through a creative process while writing song lyrics to my latest record. Eventually, I decided to create my own "jasmine scented" candle line that I can sell instead of constantly purchasing candles from every brand that I could possibly think of. With my own vision, I put together candles with my own unique touch that are simple, vintage, and healthy. Each candle is made from 100% soy wax (the best in the biz) and are gentle to inhale. They make great gifts, and I'm truly proud to say that I've created a line that others can enjoy! 

I have a deeper appreciation for all handmade products; not just my own.
— Jasmine Clemente