32oz Green jasmine scented Mason Jar Candle

The reason for creating this jasmine scented candle is not only for its sweet and calming aroma, but also because the jasmine flower is highly respected by several cultures throughout the world. Popular in Asia, The Middle East, Europe and South America, the white petal flower is best known for its rich association with purity, beauty, and romance.

Most popular at weddings, jasmine flowers are adorned within the Bride’s hair or placed in front of temples during Indonesian and Pakistanian wedding ceremonies as a sign of good luck and appreciation. They are also used at funerals as a way of sending off good energy during a deceased person's final departure from earth. In addition to all of this, the jasmine flower is the symbol for Mother in Thailand and portrays love and respect.

While the origin of this floral scent carries nothing but positive vibes, it’s awesome to have it come inside of a 32 oz green mason jar that is also reusable! After burning this organic soy wax candle for approximately 100 hours, you can clean out the jar and use it for a flower vase. Who wouldn’t love a gift like this!?