Eat Organic & Breathe Organic

If you're a health conscious individual who cares about the kinds of foods you put into your body, then allowing your entire lifestyle to reflect your holistic beliefs will just elevate your game! If you're going to eat healthy, then why not breathe healthy too? 

I'm slowly switching over to a Vegan diet. As most people who grew up eating red meats know, it can be a challenging transition. But the fact that I made a "choice" to do so, is what keeps me going. Hence, to add to my healthy regimen, I've been purchasing eco-friendly, organic products in every area of my life including house cleaning, skincare, body soaps, and of course, soy wax candles! To cut to the chase, I'm going green!  

Why does ALL of this matter? Because if one area of your life is healthy but the other isn't, then there's still an imbalance which leaves room for toxicity to seep its way in. It's like eating organic meals everyday while still smoking cigarettes. Obviously, you'd still be putting your health at risk. So if you're going to make a healthy "choice" in one area of your life, then try maintaining that responsible mentality in everything you do so you can become more powerful. 

Eat healthy, drink healthy, and breathe healthy! Don't allow one area of your life to be weaker then another. Hence, if you love candles (which I know you do because you wouldn't be reading this blog post if you didn't) then only light up the best ones - soy wax, organic, "hometomysoul" candles! Breathe healthy.

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Eat Healthy & Breathe Healthy

If you eat healthy foods, then why not use healthy products? Everything from the cleaning supplies you use to the products you place on your skin has an effect on you. Hence, once you light a soy wax candle, you'll never want to go back to a regular one ever again! Give yourself the best of everything - it's quality!