Therapeutic Baths

Don't you deserve the best? If you believe so, then give yourself the best. As time goes on, you'll realize that your tolerance level for quality will enhance as you keep raising the bar. For example, everyone feels fresh and clean after taking a hot shower, but not everyone will carve out time for a much needed bubble bath. And for the ones who do, I say bravo! Making time for relaxation is actually a fundamental key for success because if you exert too much energy, you'll drain yourself. Therefore, rest will allow time for you to replenish, recharge and rejuvenate. 

So if you're someone who sees the value in resting within a hot bubble bath, I suggest including candles, essential oils, and even flower pedals! Yes! Why not? The more attractive you make your ambience, the more time you'll give yourself to relax. If you give yourself the basics, then you're more likely to jump out of the tub quickly and get back to running around (which could defeat the purpose). Hence, if you really want to indulge, then you should go above and beyond for yourself. Purchase the flowers, the essential oils and the candles. It's an investment into your mental, emotional and even your physical wellbeing as you sit in the heat and allow it to soothe muscle aches, detox your oxygen and blood flow, plus clear your mind from stress. 

Try it. At least one time. Give yourself an hour. Lay in the hot tub with lit candles and relax. Also keep in mind, that investing in candles will last longer than purchasing flowers that you can't reuse after one bubble bath. So if you're not able to give yourself the entire ambiance, at least start with the candle lit bath until you move up to the flower infused bath. All in due time... your experiences will grow as bigger as you allow. 

WELLNESSJasmine Clemente