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Our signature Jasmine scent

Every problem has a solution, and mother earth made sure to include all of the healing elements we need to survive! Hence, when we invite these natural elements into our homes by using organic aromatherapy tools, we create a magical space where our mental and emotional wellbeing is supported every time we inhale its medicinal fragrance. Whether it's jasmine, rose, or lavender, our soy wax candles exude a healthy floral scent that omit therapeutic vibes throughout our physical body and physical house. Thus, our signature jasmine scent holds the highest admiration for representing unconditional love, purity, and bridal bliss in places such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, and Pakistan - just to name a few.



Each candle is handmade by Jasmine Clemente who smudges sage while pouring soy wax into every jar. Mixing just the right amount of organic essential oil, these scented candles are personable, uniquely handcrafted, and charged with positive vibes.


Flower Trio

“Fill your own cup first and then pour from the overflow.”

All 3 scents come in this cute gift set: Lavender, Jasmine and Rose. Although each scent is special, when lighting this rose scented candle, remember that we can only love others as much as we love ourselves. Whether you purchase these candles for someone else or keep them for yourself, you’ll love their organic aroma.


Lavender Collection

Lavender represents dreams, spirituality, divine inspiration and creativity. People sleep peacefully amidst lavender because of its soothing effects on our neurological system. Being one of the shades in the purple family, lavender is also associated with our 7th crown chakra which represents royalty and the heavens. Shop our lavender candle collection to enjoy their healing aroma and beautiful decor. In addition, after using the candle, keep the mason jar for a flower vase!


Jasmine Gift Set

Includes 3 distinct handmade (jasmine scented) candles.


hometomysoul TV

Within a candlelit setting, Owner & Artist, Jasmine Clemente, discusses self help topics that include how to cultivate self love, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and even offers a “Pick A Card” reading using beautiful oracle decks. Tune in and subscribe to hometomysoul TV for monthly videos.


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How can you relate to a candle? Isn’t there some type of fire that propels us to move forward, to win, to fall in love, to fight for someone, to motivate others? Read inspiring blogs below.


hometomysoul, LLC is a 100% soy wax candle company that's meant to bring the light back into your world. The essence of light is to illuminate dark places, but candles are special because they create a certain mood. Hence, when the ambience in your home compliments your energy, it can set a romantic tone, a creative vibe, and a healing atmosphere. Currently, we offer 3 scents: jasmine, lavender, and rose that come in various mason jar sizes and colors. Allow the aroma of these handcrafted candles to soothe your mind and enhance the mood in your home or creative space! 


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If you don’t use your gifts, a part of this world remains unlit.
— Jasmine Clemente